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How to get to Guarda do Embaú
Guarda do Embaú is located 50 km to the south of Florianópolis and 440 km to the north of Porto Alegre.
For getting there by car you must turn to the east (to the right for the ones coming from the south and to the left for the ones coming from the north) in the intersection located in the kilometer 244 of the BR-101 highway. Go straight forward for approximately 5 km and turn right in the intersection of Guarda do Embaú. From here its about 1,5 km to the village of Guarda do Embaú.
For the ones coming by bus from the south (Porto Alegre, for example) the ideal is to stay at the Praia do Sonho (Sonho Beach) intersection (km 238 of BR-101) and wait for the Paulotur local bus that passes by every hour and takes 20 minutes to reach Guarda do Embaú.
The best option for the ones coming by bus from the north is to take the Paulotur in the Rita Maria bus terminal in Florianópolis and go directly to Guarda do Embaú.
Click this link to get the Paulotur local bus timetable
See below a map with instructions on how to reach Guarda do Embaú (click the balloons to get information).