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Utopy Valley - Maço Beach

The natural beauties of the Utopy Valley include atlantic forest, rural landscape with cows and horses grazing, small sweet water aquariums and a view of Maço Beach.

Maço Beach is the smallest of the region. It has 50 meters of extension, but its beauty is inversely proportional to its size. It is surrounded by the Utopy Valley and has view of several islands, including the south of Florianópolis.

On the beach there is a small bar, Mema´s bar, that competes with Evori´s bar in terms of views. It is open only in high season and it serves a variety of food and beverages, despite being so isolated.

Besides Mema´s bar, there are no other constructions on the Valley or the beach. There are some caves, some of them habitated. The most well known is the one where Vilmar Godinho is being living for more than 15 years. vilmar chose a simple life and naturalism. There is also an improvised camping, with no infrastructure, that´s visited by hippies, handcraft makers and people who like to camp in the nature. A few meters from the camping there is a cliff of rocks over the sea that is worth it visiting.

The valley and the Maço beach can be reached from Prainha.

There are three way of getting to Prainha. The long one is going by the Evori bar and around the Point of Rock. A short version for this one is taking the trail that starts next to the Evori Bar and the shortest is by the trail to the Urubu Rock and taking a right on the first fork.

Once in Prainha, one must walk down the beach and take the trail that starts on the point of rocks of the north side, that connects the Valley and the Maço Beach. There are some fences on the way, but they are safe to cross.

The walk takes, from Guarda do Embaú, from 1:20 to 1:40 hr.

See the map below for more details of the trails.