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Urubu Rock Trail

The Urubu Rock is a natural lookout with one of the most beautiful views of the Palhoça region. From the top you can see most of the Lower Maciambú, including Pinheira, Guarda do Embaú, Coral Island, Gamboa, Siriú, Garopaba, Da Madre River, Paulo Lopes and its lagoon, etc.

The walk up the rock takes approximately half an hour. It goes up by the hillside and the whole walk is upways. There are some parts of the walk that are a little more difficult than the average. The level of physical preparation needed is medium.

The entrance to the trail is to the left of the last house located on the way that goes to the Evori Bar Beach and Guarda´s point of rocks.

After a 5 minutes walk you reach the first fork, where you should take a left (continuing on the right will take you to Prainha). Fifteen minutes later there is the second fork. Take the right. After this, it takes 10 more minutes to reach the lookout. A few meters before the top there are some rocks with a steep ascension.

On the top there are two different lookouts. One to the left with an easy access and another to the right, where you need to support yourself with the help of a palm tree to go up. Be careful at this point. It is specially difficult.

See the entrance of the trail, the forks and the rock in the map below.