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Guarda do Embaú Beach

The Guarda do Embaú Beach is separated from the village by the Da Madre River. This river has its mouth in the north part of the beach, a few meters from Guarda, which forms a sandbank that stretches for several kilometers between the river and the sea. There are various river beaches and by walking down the seaside, Gamboa can be reached.

The main part of the beach has a view of the Da Madre River melting with the sea, the hill where the Urubu Rock is, the Evori Bar Beach, the point of rocks, the Corais (coral) Island, Gamboa and Garopaba. Because of these beauties, Guarda is one of the most visited beaches of the region, not only by surfers but also by families.

With the high tide the sea water goes inside the river for several kilometers, making the river bottom clear. On low tide the river water takes over making the bottom dark and causing strong currents that can be dangerous. Because of this, crossing by boat from the village to the beach, is recommended for the ones that are not good swimmers. Also, crossing by boat is one of the most typical things to do in Guarda.

The waves of Guarda Beach are amongst the best in Brazil because, between other things, its shape is always changing. Depending on the time of the year, the tides and volume of rain water, the river modifies the sandbank, changing the shape and position of the wave. South and South-East swells hit the beach, reaching 3 meters high. During the Tainha (local fish) season (between early may and late june) surfing is prohibited in Guarda, so surfers must go to Prainha for waves.

During the high season the beach is invaded by stalls offering a wide variety of food and beverages. There are also at least two surf schools.
The security of the beach is in charge of the lifeguard-firemen, that are very well organized.

Enjoy Guarda do Embaú Beach. It is a jewel of nature.

See in the map below more about the geography of Guarda do Embaú.