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Vamos Guarda do Embaú
Guarda do Embaú is a natural paradise.

Located 50 km to the south of Florianópolis it is considered one of 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil and is an excellent destination of surf for its quality waves. Because of the diversity of its beaches of river and sea, its ecological trails, options of leisure and night life, it is visited not only by families who search peace and calmness, but also by surfers and young people who want to have fun at night.

The night life takes place in small bars located in the center of the village where reggae, rock, forró and electronic music play until the break of the day.

The beach of Guarda do Embaú is separated from the village by the Da Madre River which gives a special charm to the place. There are small boats guided by natives for crossing the river. You can also swim or walk across the river when the water is low. The Da Madre River is also a great place for kayak or canoe stroll.

The ones who enjoy trails, can hike up to the Urubu Rock. The half hour effort is rewarded when arriving at the top. This natural lookout has ones of the most beautiful panoramic views of the region. Another beautiful trail is to surround the the mount that separates Pinheira Beach from Guarda do Embaú, going through places like the beach of the Evori Bar, Prainha, Utopia Valley and the Maço beach.

Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but your time and take nothing but pictures. Preserve Guarda do Embaú.